Kids' Korner Presents Dash and Dot

Hi, I'm Dash! I live at Kids' Korner with my sister Dot and our friend Stevely the Worm. There are so many fun things to do here, we never have time to get bored or tired or cranky. One thing I especially love to do is punctuate. I link all kinds of words together, like Kids-Korner.Net for example. That's where you'll always find all of us!

Hi, I'm Dot! I play in Punctuation Park on Kids' Korner with my brother Dash and our other punctuation mark friends. Come visit us and find out how to make words and sentences do special things!

Hi, I'm Bang! Yes, that's me, the exclamation point. I make all your sentences happy or excited or urgent. Hey! Help! Hurry! Oh, no! I can make a dull sentence more noticeable. But don't use me too much or people will start ignoring me.

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